Thursday, 3 April 2008


With just over 12 weeks to go until we land in Tokyo (!), i've come to realise that i'm not quite as fit as i should be, AND am the heaviest that i've ever been, i mean EVER! It's because i've been lazy since the European Wadokai Championships that were held in Gothenburg, Sweden back in November. I took a bad shot to the knee (not telling you which one :-) ), and it's sort of knocked my training a bit... excuses excuses.

...anyways, back to the story,

So, after realising that I have been gettting tubby, and with no sign of my love for chocolate and all things sweet dissapearing, I decided to enrole at one of the local boxing gyms, The 'HARTLEPOOL CATHOLIC AMATEUR BOXING & POLICE COMMUNITY CLUB', to give it it's full title. This way, i get forced into doing all the stamina stuff that i'm too lazy to make myself do on my own.

My first session was yesterday, were we did loads of Shadow Boxing and cardio / heavy work on machines and bags, it was fun but my arms were aching today.

I've just come back from my 2nd session today, which was led by a different coach. He decided it would be a good idea for us all to go for a 4 mile run along the coast, as a warm up! It was a little unfair that he was using a pedal bike though. We finished off the session with tons of Shadow Boxing and stamina. It's all in the name of fun right?

I'm looking forward to getting into the sparring, it's a bit of a change from the points sparring Kumite that i've trained in for years. It'll be nice to actually hit someone on purpose for a change, and to see what power you can generate when under pressure :-).

If you look at the fundamentals, Boxing and Wado Karate have a lot of similarities... attacking the centre line, from various angles is an ongoing theme in Boxing, as in Wado. So it should be good prep work for Japan.

Signing off...