Monday, 9 February 2009

Kita-Kasushika Area Karate Championships

The Shiramizu English intern tag-team!

Yesterday was the Kita-Kasushika Area Karate Championships held at the Asukaru Centre in Satte City. I thought this was going to be a small local competition, I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find out that there was over 500 entrants and a reasonable number of competitors in my own divisions.

For a full report on the comp, go to

I just thought I'd mention that Amy performed very well, making her way to the finals of her division and took gold. Her FIRST EVER Individual Gold medal, a great achievement in Japan... Nice one Amy!

Amy 'high fiving' her opponent during a match!

Making her way comfortably to the finals to win her first ever individual Gold Medal, in Japan of all places!!!

Amy with her FIRST EVER individual Gold Medal!

Lawrence in action...!

Carl's winning punch

Carl mid-flight, a moment before the right leg connects to his opponents head

In other news, I went onto to get 2nd place after some good fighting... but I think the day was Amy's!