Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lost in Translation...

No, this post isn't about the movie!

I just thought I'd share a funny conversation that I had with Arakawa Sensei today over lunch. Every Wednesday morning, their is an adult training session at the Shiramizu dojo. Afterwards the students and instructors usually go for lunch and today was no exception.

The instructors were talking about a new movie that was coming out in Japan, I could follow a little bit of the conversation even though it was all in Japanese.

Arakawa Sensei asked if I knew the movie 'Ai-yama'. I said no. He told me it was very famous, about machine suits (?), but I just assumed that it was some japanese style movie. I picked up my mobile and quickly went on the internet searching for 'Ai-yama' but only found brief references to Yoga.

Anyway, Arakawa Sensei searched the internet and showed me this:

Arakawa Sensei said 'IRONMAN' and not 'AI-YA-MA'...

I thought it was funny anyways...

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